An injured fireman joins a comrade's funeral in Queens, New York; Photo - Peter Foley.

Those Whom We Lost

They were busboys and bankers, grandmothers and newlyweds, firefighters, soldiers, tourists and priests. More than 6,000 of them died at their desks, or running down stairs, or clearing the way for others. Maybe a couple of dozen of them, on a plane over Pennsylvania, died swinging their fists. But on that cruel morning of September 11h, the morning of the most devastating terrorist assault ever...

Patricia Harty - Editor-in-Chief.

The First Word:
God Bless America

“With liberty and justice for all.” –Pledge of Allegiance ℘℘℘ This may be the most difficult editorial that I have written since the creation of the magazine 16 years ago. It is difficult not because I have nothing to say or because there is an absence of current events deserving comment. To the contrary — it has been a time of great emotion — a time when there may...

Gerry Adams with veteran IRA man Joe Cahill after recommending to the IRA that they should start to decommission their arms.

IRA Dispose of Weapons

An historic breakthrough was made in the Northern Ireland peace process at the end of October when the first IRA arms were put permanently beyond use in a move monitored by the International Commission on Decommissioning. In the early hours of October 23 General John de Chastelain oversaw the disposal of what was called a “sizable quantity” of the IRA’s weapons, a move which...

Northern Secretary John Reid names three loyalist groups violating ceasefires.

Loyalist Ceasefires
Declared Over

The Northern Secretary John Reid announced recently that he considered the ceasefires of three loyalist groups to be over. The actions of the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) and the Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF) were so blatant and persistent that they could no longer be ignored by politicians. The move came mostly in response to the murder of Northern journalist Martin O’Hagan, who was...


Aer Lingus Survival
Package Agreed by EU

Ireland’s national airline, Aer Lingus, has been pulled back from the brink of bankruptcy by a deal hammered out between the Irish government and the European Union transport authorities at the eleventh hour. Aer Lingus suffered massive losses in the aftermath of the Twin Towers collapse, and was no longer considered to be commercially viable. The semi-state body, partly owned by the Irish...