Margaret Gallagher, An Update

Last week we brought you the video of Margaret Gallagher who lives in a 280+year old thatched roof cottage in Belcoo, County Fermanagh. Margaret turned 78 on January 26th, she still walks down through the field to fetch fresh spring water and stokes the fire each day to cook, keep warm, and keep a roof over her head.  The video from the Irish Times is from 2019 as Margaret gives a...


A Card Trick that Tells the Story of Michael Collins

Dylan Murray, a 22 year old magician from Keadue, County Donegal created this original card trick as a tribute to the life of Irish hero Michael Collins. Dylan has won numerous talent competitions including Derry’s Got Talent in 2016, the Dublin Talent Variety 2017, and has been named Ireland’s Magician of The Year twice. This captivating card trick highlights the historic rise...


Paul Robeson – Singer, Actor, and Renaissance Man – Had a Love for Ireland

By Christine Kinealy Paul Robeson was born in in Princeton in New Jersey in 1898. His father was a former runaway slave who had become a Presbyterian minister and his mother was part of a Quaker abolitionist family. His mother, Anna Louisa Bustill, died in a fire when Robeson was aged 6. Despite growing up in an era of segregation, Robeson proved to be gifted in both in sports and...


All I’ve Ever Known

All I’ve Ever Known is a BBC film produced by John Callister in 1992. It is about Margaret Gallagher who lives in Belcoo, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Margaret is a fascinating soul, now in her late 70’s she still lives in the thatched roof cottage where she was born without any of the amenities of the modern world including running water and electricity.  The film was...


Malachy Browne:

The Accidental Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist By Emer Mullins The best journalism has always been based on excellent storytelling – the objective reporting of facts best told through the story of a person with whom others can relate. As social media has become ubiquitous and infotainment replaced news, as celebrity culture and fake news have become so prevalent, people...