Coach Brian Kelly Re-opens Breezy Point Catholic Club

Brian Kelly, Notre Dame’s famed football coach, visited the seaside community of Breezy Point, New York, on Tuesday, April 22. He was there to take part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Catholic Club, the old one having been destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. Kelly, who when he first visited Breezy Point in March 2013, was so moved by the community’s response in the...


Review: “Of Mice and Men”

In a play suffuse with tragedy, Chris O’Dowd and James Franco delight with their emotional connection. It’s not easy making friends. But once you become co-dependent, it’s even harder to part. Such is the circumstance of Lennie (Chris O’Dowd), a mentally challenged laborer who doesn’t know his own strength, and George (James Franco), a small but ambitious migrant worker who has taken...


Key Notes

Irish America’s keynote speakers are making headlines. Three of Irish America’s former keynote speakers have been in the news recently, attesting to the enduring relevance of all our honorees and the range of activities they involve themselves in. Time to catch up with our former keynotes. Bill Ford Defends Unions In an interview on CNBC’s  “Squawk Box,” Irish America’s 2011...