Save Dublin’s Moore Street – Last Battlefield of 1916 Rising

The last battlefield of the 1916 Rising’s heroes must be preserved. Moore Street, Dublin – for years the bustling site of flower markets and fruit sellers, but today the object of a fight to preserve Ireland’s heritage and the genesis of its nationhood. Sometimes called the “Alamo of Ireland,” the laneways and streets surrounding Moore Street are some of the most historic in the...


2012 Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

NEW YORK, February 10, 2012- Irish America magazine is proud to announce the Irish America Hall of Fame 2012 Inductees. Joining our 2011 inductees, including President Bill Clinton, Michael Flatley and Nobel Prize Winner Dr. James Watson, will be several of Irish America’s most successful leaders. The 2012 Inductees will be celebrated at the Irish America Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony...


Around the World in 5 Days – Marathoner Richard Donovan

Five Days, Seven Continents Irish ultra runner Richard Donovan, the only person ever to have run seven  marathons on seven continents in less than seven days, broke his own  record on Monday, February 6. Unsatisfied with his previous record of five days, 10 hours and eight minutes, he approached this year’s World Marathon Challenge determined to complete the feat of mind-boggling endurance in...


The Maras and the Rooneys

The long and enduring relationship of two Irish-American sporting families. In 2008, when the New York football Giants capped a spectacular drive in the final two minutes of Super Bowl XLII to become underdog winners against Tom Brady and the heavily favored New England Patriots, you have to believe Dan Rooney was among those cheering loudly. True, Rooney is not affiliated with the Giants...


This Music We Call
Traditional Irish

Traditional Irish music has never been so alive. In our cities, towns and villages. From Dublin to New York and across the United States. We are alive to its rhythm and it is thriving, growing, flourishing. It touches so many people and is enjoyed in so many ways. We dance to it, play it, mould it into new forms and take it to Broadway and the West End. We fuse it with other styles, but always,...