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June 20, 2020 Newsletter

We mourn the loss this past week of Jean Kennedy Smith. She was an indomitable woman of style and substance. Like all her family, she was involved in work that supported the marginalized, and as Niall O’Dowd writes, she was hugely influential in the Irish peace process. To fully appreciate the work she did as Ambassador to Ireland watch Donald Keough’s introduction of Jean...


The Peace Maker

Jean Kennedy Smith, the last Kennedy sibling, passes

By Niall O’Dowd Jean Kennedy Smith was a shock choice for Ambassador to Ireland in 1992 as the job seemed certain to go to Congressman Brian Donnelly who had legislated successfully for 40,000 visas for the Irish undocumented which became known as the Donnelly visas. Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith and Senator Edward Kennedy pictured at Irish America’s Top 100 gala in 1995 when...


First Word:
June 13th, 2020 Newsletter

By Patricia Harty, Editor-in-Chief As the protests continue, and we are faced with the growing awareness of the deep injustices that the black community has faced throughout its history, we look to leaders who are helping bring about change. Tim Ryan is one such leader. As PricewaterhouseCooper’s U.S. chairman, Ryan, in 2016, permanently opened the door to frank and honest dialogue about...


Irish America and Race

Is the stereotyping of Irish
America as racist based in fact?

By Brian Dooley Fifty years ago, civil rights leader Bernadette Devlin caused havoc in the Irish American community by calling out doubling standards on support for justice in the north of Ireland but not in the United States. She criticized the “contradiction” of Irish Americans opposing civil rights in Boston but supporting them in Belfast. I’ve written before about the Irish...


Dr. Kathy Sullivan

First woman to walk in space is also the first female
to go to the deepest point of the ocean.

By Tom Deignan Last year, National Geographic magazine highlighted this peculiar fact about our planet: “According to even the most generous estimates, more than 80 percent of the world’s oceans are totally unmapped. The average ocean depth is nearly two and a half miles, and oceans cover 70 percent of the planet. Do the math and, in terms of total volume, 99 percent of...