Remembering Dr. Garrett O’Connor, an Addiction Treatment Pioneer

The renowned physician and psychiatrist Dr. Garrett O’Connor, lauded for his work on addiction treatment and the founding president of the Betty Ford Institute for Prevention, Research and Education in Addictive Disease, died early September at his home in Aughrim, Co. Wicklow. Dr. O’Connor was born in Dublin and graduated as a physician from the Royal College of Surgeons and later trained in...


Red Heads Galore
(Photos from the 6th Annual Red Head Convention)

Red heads galore – all shades, lengths, sizes and ages and a bunch of wanna-be’s too at the 6th annual Red Head Convention in Crosshaven, Co. Cork. Turns out red hair and blue eyes are the rarest combo in the world –you wouldn’t have known in it Crosshaven Cork the weekend of Aug. 21st during the 6th annual Red Head Convention. Crosshaven is a village near Cork City with beautiful views...


Weekly Comment:
What Ted Kennedy & John Sweeney Built On

As we celebrate Labor Day and the history of the Irish in the Labor Movement we bring you this commentary piece from our archives. Irish American leaders had a strong influence within and over the labor movement in the U.S., the Democratic Party, and other liberal institutions, Harold Meyerson argues.  ℘℘℘ The death of Ted Kennedy precedes by three weeks the end of John Sweeney’s...