Tom Deignan Interviews…

Tom interviews James Nesbitt about his new Irish crime drama Bloodlands. In this March 2021 interview, Tom and Jimmy speak about the show, Ireland, and why Jimmy loves where he comes from.
Tom interviews author and New York Times Columnist Timothy Egan about his most recent book Pilgrimage to Eternity. In this September 2020 interview, Tom and Tim speak about Catholicism, history, and COVID-19.
Tom interviews author and historian James Carroll about his most recent book about the crisis in the Catholic Church, The Truth at the Heart of the Lie.
Tom interviews 25th Amendment author and Fordham University Law Professor John Feerick. In this January 2021 interview, Professor Feerick helps us to understand the 25th Amendment.
Tom interviews author Emma Donoghue about her new book The Pull of the Stars. In this July 2020 interview, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic Tom and Emma talk about how the book closely relates to the time we are currently in.
Tom interviews author Peter Quinn about his 1985 novel The Banished Children of Eve as it is being re-released in 2021 by Fordham University Press.

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