CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan Braved an Angry Mob to Cover the Chaos

CNN Reporter and Kerry Native Donie O'Sullivan

By Tom Deignan

Amidst the carnage and chaos of this week’s rally-turned-riot in Washington D.C., one Irishman is earning high marks for his work on the ground – Kerry native and CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan.

The New York Times reported that “as the 6:00 PM curfew (on January 6) approached and the authorities moved the mob away from the Capitol, some in the crowd hurled epithets at the CNN correspondent on the ground, Donie O’Sullivan.”

O’Sullivan himself told viewers: “We’re hearing some vile language being directed at members of the media.”

But O’Sullivan refused to back down, despite the obvious sense of danger and chaos that pervaded the air in Washington, where protesters – after hearing a provocative speech by Donald Trump – proceeded to storm the Capitol building, forcing elected representatives to flee.

Tom Deignan is an author, teacher, and columnist for the Irish Voice and Irish America (tdeignan.blogspot.com).

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