Something I Did Not Know I Was Missing

A music session in Galway City

I went to Ireland with my two children in March/April of 2018. This was the first time that I had ever been. I always had the impression that Ireland was similar to the U.K. The trip completely dispelled that myth.

I thought Ireland and the Irish people were beautiful and I came away with the belief that Ireland and the U.K. were as different as France and the U.K. Needless to say, I had a very good time and it left me with the desire to return. We flew into Dublin and spent some time in the city. My son is an actor and he was acting in a play there. We then had the opportunity to drive to Cork and then onto Killarney, and take many photos along the way. 

I wrote the following poem, Something I Did Not Know I was Missing, in celebration of finally visiting this fine and joyous country. – Derek Pickett

The smell of stew and the promise of ale draw us in.

The baritone in the corner woos us with renderings of folk tunes and Dylan covers.

The bar is bustling with joy and jokes, relaxing revelry—

a bunch of old guys sit with their pints, smiling out kindness—

wisdom and warmth etched in the lines of their faces.

Across the room with passion and conviction fueled by whiskey,

the girls from Dublin are singing the chorus of “The Fields of Athenry”.

American tourists blend with Europeans and locals—

this is home, we all live here, for tonight at least.

Intrigue, interest, dialogue and flirting are mingled in the smoke-free air

and I become best friends with a stranger for just a couple of hours,

sharing drinks and laughter – a tonic for all that ails the human spirit.

I savor the joy of making new acquaintances,

and drink in the power of smiles and words offered in jest.

We can be judgmental and see all the sin induced by alcohol, but I see comradery and community—

I want to be here and share in this guilty pleasure.

I want to lose myself for a long, long while—

in something I did not know I was missing.

Dublin Center
Molly Malone Statue, Dublin
The Temple Bar, Dublin
The Liffey River, Dublin
The Liffey River at dusk
Coral Strand, Ballyconneely,
West Connemara
Coral Strand
The climb to Torc Waterfalls,
Killarney National Park
Torc Waterfalls,
Killarney National Park
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Derek Pickett was born and raised in a small village in the South East of England. He took an interest in poetry from a young age and was inspired by the great poets of the U.K. and Ireland, including Wordsworth, Heaney and Burns. He has traveled extensively in the U.S. and at one time or another has lived in Arizona, California, Hawaii and New York. These days, he lays down his hat in Houston, Texas, where he finds daily inspiration for his work in the multicultural world of the city, and his lifelong love of music, and passion for country and Latin dance.

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Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare. Image courtesy of Tourism Ireland. Photo by Christopher Hill.

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