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Jean Butler

Dancer, choreographer and scholar, Jean Butler, is a leading figure in the world of Irish dance performance best known for originating the female principle roles and co-choreographing Riverdance The Show and Dancing on Dangerous Ground, which The New York Times reviewed as “channeling Irish step dancing into genuine artistic expression.” For over twenty years, sheRead more..

Richard Neal

Richie Neal was first elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1988. Since January 2019, he serves as Chairman of the powerful Committee on Ways and Means. Congressman Neal has spent his career fighting for things that matter to everyday Americans including access to affordable and dependable health care, a fair tax code,Read more..

Kathleen Murphy

Kathleen Murphy is president of Personal Investing, Fidelity Investments. She assumed her position in January 2009 and today oversees a business that has grown to more than $3.0 trillion in client assets, 23 million customer accounts, and over 15,000 employees. Her business is the nation’s number one provider of individual retirement accounts (IRAs), one ofRead more..

Sean McGarvey

Sean McGarvey is President of North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU), an alliance of 14 national and international unions in the building and construction industry that collectively represent over 3 million skilled craft professionals in the United States and Canada. Sean is a respected union construction expert among labor, government, corporate, and private sector leaders.Read more..

Eileen Murray

Eileen Murray is an award-winning leader in the financial services industry who recently served as co-CEO at Bridgewater Associates, L.P. She has over three decades of Wall Street experience, having held senior leadership roles at Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, where she was appointed the first female member of the executive board, and Duff Capital Advisors.Read more..

The Future of Irish America

Peter Quinn looks at the position of
Irish Americans as we embrace the new millennium.

“Whatever the future may hold, wherever it may take us, we can bring along only what we possess, and if we don’t possess our past, if instead of a true history and a significant literature, we bring along only trivia, empty myths and a handful of stories, or-worst of all — the latest intellectually fashionableRead more..

First Word

June 27, 2020

There’s a little Irish in everything. I drive my friends a bit crazy, with my “Just a dab will do yah,” interjections. Someone mentions Derek Jeter, and I say “his mother is Irish” (Dorothy Connor.)  Mariah Carey wins an award, I say, “I have a nice note from her on being named a Top 100 IrishRead more..

Remembering the Champ

By Marilyn Cole Lownes Originally published in June 1998 The history of boxing must be rewritten. It is officially recorded that the legendary Jack Dempsey, Heavyweight Champion of the World from 1919-1926, was KO’ed just once in his great career. He was knocked out in the first round in 1917 by fireman Jim Flynn. TheRead more..

John McCarthy: The Father of Artificial Intelligence

By Ray Cavanaugh Few phrases evoke the rapid hi-tech acceleration of our era like “artificial intelligence” (also known by the somewhat less-threatening acronym of “AI”). Until very recently, this world, for better or worse, was ours. But, having ascended to the apex of the Animal Kingdom on the basis of our intelligence, we now findRead more..

Smiling Mickey Welch:

 Hall-of-Fame Pitcher • Occasional Poet • Lifelong Fan of the Game

By Ray Cavanaugh It was surprising that Mickey Welch had such a successful pitching career: He didn’t have much size (the Society for American Baseball Research describes him as “generously listed” at 5-feet-8 and 160 pounds); his fastball was nothing special; and he also had control issues (at times leading the National League in walks surrendered). However,Read more..