Margaret Gallagher, An Update

Margaret Gallagher and her Cottage

Last week we brought you the video of Margaret Gallagher who lives in a 280+year old thatched roof cottage in Belcoo, County Fermanagh. Margaret turned 78 on January 26th, she still walks down through the field to fetch fresh spring water and stokes the fire each day to cook, keep warm, and keep a roof over her head. 

The video from the Irish Times is from 2019 as Margaret gives a brief update about her life at the cottage.

5 Responses to “Margaret Gallagher, An Update”

  1. Peg McNally says:

    My grandfather was a Gallagher from Derry. My grandmother was Margaret Cleary. They married in Donegal. You are a true inspiration of how simple and pure Irish life was. Someday hopefully I can pass by and see your beautiful piece of history.
    Margaret McNally – New York.

  2. Mrs Nelson says:

    I am 79 years young. My grandfather was from County Armagh and my grandmother was from County Cork. They married here in Northern Illinois. I dream of visiting Maggie before we die. She is an inspiration to me. God love her. Sincerely, Mrs J Nelson

  3. Virginia M OBrien says:

    I’ve been avoiding the news in US and pick up my reading and learning a little more.
    I hope you are well.
    I hope I’m able to visit Ireland when this pandemic subsides.

  4. Lourdes Gomez says:

    You are an inspiration to me, Ms. Gallagher, for the simple life you lead. I have watched your videos over and over because they bring me peace and much joy. To me you are an angel on Earth. May God continue to bless you.

  5. Maureen (Gallagher) Schulte says:

    My dad’s grandfather was from Donegal. Grandpa, Joseph Michael, was born in 1873. Dad was born in Litchfield, Illinois, in 1929
    We live with him now. I would love to go to Ireland to see my Gallagher relatives
    Did you get the corn mill rebuilt?

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