A Card Trick that Tells the Story of Michael Collins

Michael Collins

Dylan Murray, a 22 year old magician from Keadue, County Donegal created this original card trick as a tribute to the life of Irish hero Michael Collins. Dylan has won numerous talent competitions including Derry’s Got Talent in 2016, the Dublin Talent Variety 2017, and has been named Ireland’s Magician of The Year twice.

This captivating card trick highlights the historic rise of an incredible leader of his generation and lifetime, and it highlights pivotal moments in his life and of Irish history.

Dylan considers this his finest work to date and explained,  “I always wanted to pay tribute to Michael Collins life in some way. I’ve always admired his Influence of strength, leadership, and sacrifice for Ireland. I sat down and over a period of a couple of days, created what’s become this viral tribute video of Michael’s life, told and spoken through a deck of cards.”

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  1. Jim Tighe says:

    What unique way of telling Michael Collins life story and the story of the Irish Republic and the love of his life.

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