Ireland’s Wildlife Youngsters

Irish Hedgehog

By Sarah Loughnane, Editorial Assistant / Social Media & Events Coordinator


Ireland is fortunate enough to have a diverse range of wildlife that is consistently booming. Although, the past few weeks have been tough with one storm after another, Ireland’s Wildlife species are pushing through and sticking to their springtime schedules.

Here’s a few of Irelands native wildlife youngsters to brighten up your day and encourage you to conserve and preserve. They deserve a home as much as we do and we celebrate them today as it is International Wildlife Day.

– The Red Fox // Sionnach

The only member of the Canidae family to still inhabit Ireland. The Red Fox is quite common and can often be seen in a rural village or crossing a public road rather than the woodlands. A very inquisitive animal often recognized for its dog like features and mischievous ways.

– The Badger // Broc

      The Irish badger is a reclusive animal that is rarely seen by people, as they are mostly nocturnal however, they are social amongst themselves when it comes to inhabiting the wilderness of Ireland. With its black and white stripped head it maintains an unmistakable appearance making it easy to spot. However, a badger is not to be crossed in Ireland, as they are fiercely powerful for their size.

– The Hedgehog // Gràinneog

                  The hedgehog is a common resident of Ireland whose species have slightly lessened in the past few years due to their endangered habitats. Hedgehogs are generally small in size, round, a dark brown color and possess sharp hair (spines) topped with white markings making their spines more pronounced.

The Irish Otter // An Madra Uisce

            The Irish Otter is surprising well spread throughout Ireland but highly secretive, so if you ever get to see one in the flesh, you best count yourself lucky.

Otter pregnancies last about two months, once they have given birth to the cubs they are then kept in the natal holt for another two months until ready to venture out and see the world.

Ireland has a wonderful, densely populated wildlife population and eco system and we must hold ourselves responsible for ensuring its survival.

Happy International Wildlife Day!

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