The Friends of Sinn Féin

Friends of Sinn Féin President Mark Guilfoyle, Sean Mackin, Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald, Joe Smith, Rita O'Hare, (U.S. Representative Sinn Féin), Jim Donaghy, Ciarán Quinn (director of publicity, Sinn Féin).

By Irish America Staff
December / January 2020

The Friends of Sinn Féin held its annual dinner on Thursday, November 7, at the Sheraton New York Hotel in Manhattan, raising a reported $700,000. Friends of Sinn Féin was established in 1995 to provide an effective and efficient way for people in America to help Sinn Féin consolidate the peace process and achieve the aim of an independent, united Ireland.

2 Responses to “The Friends of Sinn Féin”

  1. James Smith says:

    New book. Thought your organization might be interested in this. .


  2. John Derevolt says:

    Why are you stupid Yanks funding an organisation that is promoting the destruction of my country? Wake the fuck up and realise sinn fein are anti irish, anti catholic. They are marxists you fucking clowns

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