Business 100 – 2019

Peter Murphy/Merrill Lynch

Peter Murphy has been in the financial services industry for 39 years, helping hundreds of clients achieve their financial goals. For the past eight years he has been proud to work as a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch in Southbury, Connecticut. Peter’s Irish ancestry extends far back on both sides of his family. On his mother’s side, he is descended from Thomas Addis Emmet, a member of the Society of United Irishmen and Peter’s great-great-great-grandfather. He was the older brother of Robert Emmet, the leader of the 1803 rebellion. The Emmets were originally from County Cork and the Murphys were from County Fermanagh. Murphy is currently engaged in research on the life of Thomas Emmet in order to complete a biography of his life. Over the past few years and after several trips to Ireland to speak at conferences and conduct research, Peter feels a much greater affinity for Ireland and her culture, history, and, of course, her people. To him, it is humbling to know that he is descended from the Emmets, who sacrificed so much for their native land.