Business 100 – 2019

Colleen Coda/Blackstone

Colleen Coda is managing director in the Blackstone Innovations group. She runs technology for the private equity family of businesses in addition to several major corporate initiatives enabling the firm to identify ways to reduce risk, create efficiency, enable new business and / or create competitive advantage using technology and process. In her eight years at Blackstone, Colleen has taken on additional responsibilities – creating a strategic technology roadmap for the businesses she oversees, building a team of highly skilled designers / business analysts designing the processes and platforms and developed an offshore strategy for technology.

Prior to joining Blackstone, Colleen worked at Capital IQ, a division of Standard & Poor’s, for 11 years, where she was most recently the chief of staff for product development. She received a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from Sacred Heart University.

Colleen’s Irish heritage is on her maternal side – the Vaughans and Murphys, from counties Kerry and Limerick. Her great-grandfather and his 14 siblings all immigrated and settled in N.Y.C. She looks forward to taking her three young children to visit her relatives in Ireland in the next few years.