Business 100 – 2019

Cillian Kiernan/Ethyca

Cillian Kieran is CEO and founder of privacy company Ethyca. Cillian has extensive technical experience working with legacy enterprise organizations such Heineken, Sony, Dell, and Pepsi building data platforms, visualization tools, and leading strategic advisory in change management and data governance policy definitions liaising with CIO, CDO, and legal counsel. Ethyca is aiming to power companies’ ethical data privacy management in the same way that Stripe has managed payments through an API, with a focus on fast-growing, data-driven commerce and enterprise companies.
Cillian was taught BASIC by his mother as child on his C64 before self-teaching as a teenager HMTL and C+, which led to Java before studying. Cillian continues to play a hands-on role in product design, system architecture, and engineering while having a unique ability to interpret non-technical business requirements into code. Born in Dublin, Cillian is based in New York and lives in the city with his wife Ella.