Wall Street 50 – 2019

Niall Dennehy/AID:Tech

Niall is the co-founder and chief operations officer of AID:Tech. AID:Tech’s mission is to bring transparency and efficiency to the distribution of funds and resources by governments, banks, and NGOs. AID:Tech combines digital identity and blockchain technology to accomplish this. 

In 2015, AID:Tech was the first company in the world to deliver humanitarian aid using blockchain technology in a completely transparent manner in Lebanon. In 2017, AID:Tech won the Citi Tech4Integrity Challenge, and were awarded the “James Wolfensohn Global Game Changer using technology to fight corruption” prize by Madame Christine Lagarde at the IMF HQ in Washington, D.C. AID:Tech was also named IBM’s #1 global startup and current winners of the 2018 French Government GovTech Award. 

Prior to his work at AID:Tech, Niall founded a number of other companies and held senior technology positions in organizations like HP, Ericsson, LG Mobile, AIB, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Niall hails from County Cork and lived in Baltimore for a period of time. Niall has an interesting connection to Wall Street, as his relation Julia Montgomery Walsh was the first woman to be registered with the American Stock Exchange and the first woman to be director of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.