Wall Street 50 – 2019

Julie Davis/Goldman Sachs

As a private wealth advisor at Goldman Sachs, Julie provides advisory services to ultra-high net worth individuals, families, and non-profit organizations. She helps clients with all aspects of investment and wealth management, including advising on asset allocation, portfolio construction, and pre-sale planning prior to liquidity events. Julie has a passion for working with female founders and investors and is a leader of Goldman’s Investment Management’s Women’s Network, cultivating events for women across the firm. In addition, she serves on the Junior Board of Harmony Program, an after-school musical education program for underserved children in New York City.

Julie is a fourth-generation Irish American with roots in County Cork. Her great-grandparents immigrated to Chelsea, M.A., in the early 1900s and met at a dance for a local church. They eventually moved to Rhode Island for opportunities at Union Rubber and Shepard’s, sending money home to Ireland. She credits her persistence and love for finance to the spirit of her grandfather, who taught her that you can never give up on yourself, and most importantly, you can never give up creating a beautiful life for your family.