Wall Street 50 – 2019

Conor Kelly/Rubicon Capital Advisors

Conor is CEO and founder of Rubicon Capital Advisors, a global investment banking advisory firm based in Dublin, with offices in New York and seven additional locations worldwide. Originally hailing from Dublin, he is an accomplished business leader with significant international experience, having spent 10 years of his career previously with Scotia Capital and DEPFA Bank plc in New York, where he still maintains a home. Conor has advised, structured, or arranged over U.S. $50 billion worth of infrastructure mergers and acquisitions and capital raising transactions around the world and has helped clients grow and become more profitable through entry and exit strategies over numerous global financial cycles.

He is a recognized expert within the global infrastructure market and is a common speaker and lecturer on the subject of infrastructure procurement, mergers and acquisitions, advisory, and structuring.

Rubicon has held an office in New York since 2011, having most recently expanded its team to drive the firm’s global infrastructure, energy, and utilities businesses.