Baroness Blood Celebrated

Liam Neeson, May Blood, and John Fitzpatrick.

By Irish America Staff
March / April 2019

Baroness May Blood, recently retired from the U.K.’s House of Lords after a long and very distinguished career, was celebrated in New York City in January at an Ireland Funds reception held in the Fitzpatrick Grand Central Hotel.

Early on in her professional life, the Baroness was a true trailblazer in promoting equality for women in the workforce, and went on to serve as Information Officer of the Greater Shankill Partnership. She was also the first woman ever in Northern Ireland to be given a life peerage. Chairman of the Ireland Funds John Fitzpatrick said, “We at the Ireland Funds know her best for her tireless campaign for integrated education in Northern Ireland, and we have enjoyed partnering with her for many years now in support of this critically important mission.” 

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