Business 100 – 2018

Nicholas Keane Vita/Columbia Care

Nicholas “Nick” Keane Vita is the founder and CEO of Columbia Care LLC, the nation’s leading cannabis company. His background, 25-years as corporate leader, strategic advisor and investor, gave him the experience and inspiration to create Columbia Care LLC, its mindset and “vertical” structure. Columbia Care cultivates, manufactures and dispenses its product while putting its focus on the patient, their personalized treatment and interaction with their individual PharmaD (pharmacists with PHD in biology and chemistry). This model has made Columbia Care the most successful of all network dispensaries in the United States.

A graduate of Columbia University, Nick began his career as a strategic advisor at S. G. Warburg then as a member of the Healthcare Investment Banking Department at Goldman Sachs. Prior to Columbia Care, Nick was a Partner and served as the Chairman of the Investment Committee at Apelles Investment Management, LLC. In 2018 Nick was awarded a Tribeca Film Festival Disruptive Innovation Award for his efforts to combat the opioid crisis as CEO of Columbia Care. His grandmother Helen Keane was born in Ireland. ♦