Healthcare and Life Sciences 50 –2018

Sister Michael Mary Campbell, O. Carm/Mary Manning Walsh Home

Michael Mary Campbell O. Carm, Director of Volunteers, is first generation Irish American, her father from Co. Longford, her mother, from nearby Co. Leitrim. She directs a small army of volunteers, of varying ages with different skills and interests but all abound with energy and generosity. They’re seen around Mary Manning Walsh bringing levity, games and often taking patients to the Emerald Lounge for a spot of wine. Seeing Sister Michael Mary in action brings to mind the mission of her order, “To care for and to care.” ♦


The Carmelite Sisters of the Aged and Infirm minister to and care for the residents of Mary Manning Walsh Home, long considered the premium home for the elderly in New York City. Recognized for its superior medical care, Mary Manning Walsh is just as renown for its staff of nuns who believe the end of life should be about living, not just surviving—these sisters have dedicated themselves to their patients most of whom are ill and many, alone.