Healthcare and Life Sciences 50 –2018

Patricia Forbes/Psychotherapist

Patricia Eileen Forbes, LCSW, is a psychotherapist who specializes in treating, on a daily basis, patients suffering from anxiety disorders. Forbes can easily relate to her clientele of creative professionals as she herself was once one of them. Before going into the medical field, Forbes was a successful singer and producer in the music industry, once having a number one single in Europe.

But, she describes the “seismic shift” from music to medicine as “the best decision of my life.” She gave up her gift for singing to use another gift – listening and talking – and went back to school to fulfill her lifelong dream of being a psychotherapist.

In addition to her successful practice, Forbes runs weekly group therapy sessions dedicated to alleviating anxiety and the stress her patients experience working in such a stressful, competitive field. Besides that mixed gender group, Forbes runs a weekly women’s group and has begun a weekly podcast, “The Woman’s Room.”

Her Irish roots are from both parents, her mother’s people from Cork, her father’s from Kerry. Today, her singing is confined to Irish tunes, both sad ballads and patriot songs, usually on St. Patrick’s Day. ♦