O’Neill a Success in New Ross

On the Dunbrody: Irish actors Ronan Barry, Stephen Byrne and Eugene McLoughlin, who featured in a production of the Glencairn one-act plays on board the ship.

By Irish America Staff
November / December 2018

The Eugene O’Neill Theatre Festival in New Ross, called “One Festival, Two Countries,” was a big success. The first half of the festival, the 19th Annual Eugene O’Neill Festival in Danville, was held throughout September 2018, and the second half, the First Annual Eugene O’Neill International Festival of Theatre, was held in New Ross October 11-14, 2018, with over 50 visitors from the O’Neill Foundation, Tao House, in attendance.

<em>Aaron Murphy, Dorian Lockett and Clive Worsley, who featureda production of </em>Hughie<em>, directed by Eric Hayes at St. Michael's Theatre, New Ross, that was played to a full house.</em>

Aaron Murphy, Dorian Lockett and Clive Worsley, who featured a production of Hughie, directed by Eric Hayes at St. Michael’s Theatre, New Ross, that was played to a full house.

The Festival took advantage of the Dunbrody, the full-scale replica of a Famine ship anchored in New Ross, to present a site-specific production of O’Neill’s Glencairn cycle of one-act sea plays.

Meanwhile, director Eric Hayes’ Danville production of O’Neill’s Hughie was staged at St Michael’s Theatre.

Eugene O’Neill’s father James was born not far from New Ross, across the border in Kilkenny. ♦

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