Healthcare and Life Sciences 50 –2018

Margaret Weber/EliteNursing

Margaret Weber RN, BSN, the president and co-founder of EliteNursing, a concierge nursing service that provided the highest level of private nursing in New York and Southampton. EliteNursing only uses registered nurses that have extensive nursing backgrounds including ICU, ER, medical-surgical nursing and community health.

Margaret’s over 25 years of experience as a registered nurse in various hospital and community settings including the Intensive Care Unit, Recovery, and Emergency Rooms, has given her a unique perspective in delivering excellent home nursing care for prestigious families and distinguished individuals all over the United States.

Community positions in home-care and hospice have enhanced her comprehension of the requirements of patients in a non-hospital setting. She has extensive experience in facilitated care coordination services including disease management programs, which involved educating, motivating and empowering clients to manage their disease.

Margaret’s mother was born in County Longford, Ireland and emigrated to the United States at 14 years of age and while living in Manhattan finished up her education at a private high school in NY. Margaret’s father was a first generation Irish American whose parents emigrated from County Clare. Her parents met at the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade and went on to have seven children. Her father was a New York City detective and a member of the Emerald Society. Her mother worked as a nursing assistant while raising Margaret and her siblings, and was always able to “find something shining in a bad day.”

“My parents ingrained in me a belief I could accomplish anything if I worked hard,” Margaret says. Proving her parents correct, she has been co-founder and President of EliteNursing since 2013. ♦