Wall Street 50 – 2018

Stephanie Whittier/Morgan Stanley

Stephanie Whittier co-heads the Foundation & Endowment Services team at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management, offering specialized investment management solutions that range from the creation of Investment Policy Statements to asset allocation and consolidated reporting advice. She joined Morgan Stanley in 1975 after graduating from Boston College Carroll School of Management with a B.S. in Accounting. Since then, she has held positions in Morgan Stanley’s Investment Banking, Real Estate, Institutional Equity, and Private Wealth Management, authored articles on issues relating to family office management, and has a wide range of expertise in product development, business administration, risk management, finance, and personal wealth management.

A second-generation Irish American with roots in Mayo and Tipperary, Stephanie serves on the boards of Grace Outreach, Hand in Hand and National Executive Services Corps, and is a former board member of Good Shepherd Services. She is actively involved with Student Sponsored Partners and Christo Rey Schools, which recruits at-risk students who are motivated to take advantage of the opportunity for a quality high school education.