Wall Street 50 – 2018

Kieran Claffey/PwC

Kieran Claffey is a partner at PwC. He has extensive diversified experience serving multinational clients and dealing with litigation, risk management, and regulatory issues. He is chairman of the global board of PwC’s business trust and is a vice president and director of Madison Indemnity of N.Y. Kieran represents PwC on the technical standards committee of the A.I.C.P.A.

Kieran, born in Dublin, was a founding member and director of the Ireland Chamber of Commerce in the U.S. and a director of the European-American Chamber of Commerce. He is the national treasurer, executive committee member, and a board member of the Ireland-U.S. Council. He is chairman of the finance committee, member of the executive committee, and on the board of trustees of the Gateway Schools, which helps children with learning disabilities.