Business 100 – 2017

Paul Daugherty/Accenture

A partner at Accenture since 1999, Paul Daugherty currently serves as chief technology and innovation officer and leads Accenture’s technology innovation and ecosystem group. He is a member of the global management committee and is responsible for research and development in Accenture’s Labs, recently opening a dedicated artificial intelligence R&D Lab in Dublin.

Paul has long been recognized as a leader in Accenture’s tech business, founding their cloud computing business and developing a digital business vision. He was also instrumental in launching Accenture’s SaaS business and is a passionate advocate for gender equality in the workplace, sponsoring many STEM-related diversity initiatives.

With ancestry from Donegal, Paul says, “We couldn’t trace the lineage past my grandparents, but we always celebrated the heritage and recognized our Irish roots,” estimating that he is third- or fourth-generation Irish American. “I think my roots have given me Irish characteristics such as independence, family values, and a balanced approach to work and life.” He and his wife, Beth, have four children, Emma, Jesse, John, and Lucy.