Business 100 – 2017

Feargall Kenny/Glenborn

Feargall Kenny is the founder and executive recruiter of the Glenborn Corporation, which took root in 2009. Glenborn is a boutique executive search firm centered on senior sales hires in venture-backed marketing and e-commerce firms. He is also the founder of the U.S.-based Digital Irish group, which promotes Irish startups through monthly events.

Born in Dublin, and with some family from County Leitrim, Feargall graduated from Trinity College with a B.A. in business studies in 1994. After moving to New York, he took a job in the newly-opened Cafe Centro. “Good waiters were calm and walked slowly,” he says. “I was terrible, ran everywhere, and managed to escape into technology sales in the nick of time!”

“Being Irish in New York City gives us the best of both sides of the Atlantic,” he adds, “as well as the ability to play everywhere on the scale between supremely confident to disarmingly self-deprecating and not get called out for being inconsistent!” Feargall is based in New York with his wife, Deirdre, and their children, Ava, Colin, and Cliona.