Business 100 – 2017

Daniel McAuley/Wealthfront

As the manager of data science at Wealthfront, a software-driven automated investing service, Daniel McAuley is responsible for improving decision-making across the company by using data and the scientific method.

Daniel was born in Leeds, England, and his father’s family hails from the town of Bangor, just outside Belfast in County Down. After moving stateside, he worked his first job bussing tables at a steakhouse on the TPC golf course in Scottsdale, Arizona, and had saved up $15,000 by his 18th birthday. He attended Arizona State University and the Wharton School, acquiring his B.S. in finance and an M.B.A. in quantitative marketing. At Wharton, he co-founded Wharton FinTech, the first student-led initiative dedicated to sharing ideas for technological innovation and investment.

“My fondest memories growing up are from my time in Ireland,” Daniel says. “Christmas at my grandparents’ home in Bangor was a highlight of my childhood. The spirit and kindness of my family and of all Irish people truly make me proud to call myself a McAuley and an Irishman.”