Business 100 – 2017

Alan Ennis/Glansaol

Alan Ennis is the president and CEO of Glansaol, a luxury brand beauty and personal care company with an integrated portfolio of premium brands including Laura Geller, Julep, and Clark’s Botanicals. Prior to joining Glansaol in 2015, he served as president and CEO of the $2.5-billion Revlon company from 2009.

Born in Dublin, Alan comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. His grandfather on his mother’s side (based in Leap, County Cork) was the manager of a local creamery and his paternal grandfather (from Cahir, County Tipperary) opened his own convenience store. Learning their ways, Alan obtained a degree in commerce from University College Dublin and an M.B.A. in business administration from New York University.

“There is an intimacy to Ireland and Irish people that cannot be recreated in the U.S.,” he says. “The very reasons that some people leave Ireland – too small; everyone knows your business; the weather – are the most endearing characteristics of Ireland.” Alan and his wife, Michelle, have three children, Bridget, Timothy, and Daniel.