Meagher at Green-Wood Cemetery

(Photo: Patricia Harty)

By Irish America Staff
August / September 2017

Pictured below at the dedication of a new monument to General Thomas Francis Meagher at Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery in July is Jessie Meagher, great, great grandnephew to Meagher, stands next to a newly unveiled bust of his relative. Jessie is dressed as a soldier in the 69th New York 1st Irish Brigade, which Meagher commanded. He had a sprig of boxwood in his hat to recall General Meagher’s distribution of the greenery before Fredericksburg.

Meagher, who died in Montana while serving as territorial governor, never had a proper funeral, his body never having been recovered after he fell off a boat on the Missouri River. His memorial at the cemetery is located at the site of his wife’s Townsend family plot. ♦

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