Business 100 – 2016

John Moore/3D4Medical

John Moore is the founder and chief executive officer of 3D4Medical, a global developer of medical applications and the 2016 winner of the celebrated Apple Design and Innovation Award. Headquartered in Dublin, 3D4Medical was founded without any venture capital and, in addition to Ireland, now has offices in the U.S., Russia, and Poland. John was also a finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award this year.

John is a native Irishman whose maternal and paternal families come from counties Kerry and Meath respectively. “Our cultural heritage has equipped us with the ability to interact with anyone, anywhere in the world,” he says. “I believe that the Irish have acquired certain skills, such as empathy and pragmatism that allow us to flourish in an international environment.”

John, whose father was the first Irish person to get a scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, studied for a B.Sc. in pure mathematics from Trinity College Dublin, where he lives with his wife, Tatiana, and sons, John Jr. and Michael.