Business 100 – 2016

Gemma Toner/ChartOne Media

Gemma Toner is a media and telecommunications leader driving innovation at the intersection of big data, technology, and digital media and holds a patent for the “System and Method for Set Top Box Viewing Data,” which enables the use of set top box data to measure audience viewing patterns.

Gemma is the founder and CEO of ChartOne Media, an OTT platform, data, and content company. She also serves on the boards of Sandvine, which provides network management hardware and software for fixed, mobile, and converged networks, and Concern Worldwide U.S.

Previously, Gemma delivered groundbreaking, first-to-market cable industry products at Cablevision, including Optimum Online and Optimum WiFi. She also helped AMC Networks drive network distribution and develop multi-platform content for emerging distribution platforms. and has been a past chairperson for the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing.

Gemma credits her pioneering spirit to her Irish immigrant parents, who achieved their American dream through hard work, grit, faith, and the unwavering support of the Irish American community.