Wall Street 50 – 2016

Bill Gorman/RSM US

Bill Gorman has been partner and the chief operating officer of RSM US since 2015. He guides firm-wide strategy execution efforts, overseeing the firm’s change management framework that engages its employees in strategy execution.

Bill was born in Arizona and is an alumnus of Mt. St. Mary’s University, from which he holds a B.A. in political science. He has more than 35 years of audit and business advisory experience, and has served as a board member and board chair for organizations such as the Sellinger Business School of Loyola University, Maryvale Preparatory School, and Bon Secours Hospital.

As a fourth-generation Irish American, Bill believes the value of hard work is synonymous with being Irish. His grandfather was an entrepreneur, owning a general store in New Jersey, and was an active member of the Democratic party. Bill’s own first ever job was as a janitor; he says it was “hard work that I remember daily, and always make sure to thank those in those roles today.”

Bill and his wife, Kimberly Davey, have two daughters, Erin and Kate.