Healthcare and Life Sciences 50 – 2016

John Sullivan/TransMedics

John Sullivan is the vice president of engineering at TransMedics Inc., where he has managed technical teams and product development since March 2006. Before joining TransMedics, he developed software for patient monitoring machinery for six years at Siemens Medical.

John’s great-grandfather immigrated to Boston in the 1800s, where he worked as a motorman for the elevated railway. His grandfather taught electrical shop in the Boston public school system, and encouraged John’s father to become a construction electrician, which he did. Though John’s father never attended university, he ensured that all four of his children had the means to do so. “I believe the family history is similar to many of those of Irish-American heritage,” John says. “Doing hard work to help build this new country, with the support of the extended family and Irish community.”

John received his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and computer science from Princeton University and later completed a master’s in computer engineering at Boston University. He continues to live in Massachusetts with his wife, Lori, son, Ian, and daughter, Abby.