Healthcare and Life Sciences 50 – 2016

Frank Reynolds/PixarBio Corporation

Dr. Frank Reynolds is the co-founder, chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief security officer, and chairman of the board of PixarBio Corporation, a Massachusetts-based biotechnology company that invents, researches and devel- ops drugs, biologics, and treatment technologies for a range of neurological issues.

As the son of first-generation Irish immigrants in New York, Frank has embraced Irish culture for his entire life. As a child, he won trophies and medals for Irish step dancing and performed at Irish shows at Carnegie Hall in the 1970s.

“After being paralyzed in 1992 and emerging from bed in 1999, I reconnected to the real world through Irish business activities,” he says.

“The Irish helped relaunch my life. I cured paralysis with the help of Irish minds, and as I say every day, ‘Irish scientists rule’!”

Frank is the inventor of NeuroRelease, the first morphine strength, non-addictive pain treatment for post-surgical pain. Pain treatments for 7-day, 14-day, and 90-day are expected to begin receiving FDA approval in 2018. He also invented the NeuroScaffold, the first treatment to restore function in humans after a traumatic spinal cord injury. This achievement was recognized by the National Spinal Injury Association, and in 2014 he received a lifetime achievement award for curing paralysis. He is has co-invented over 50 other neurological technologies.

Frank lives in Massachusetts with his wife, Mary. They have three children, Margaret, Lauren, and Anthony.