Healthcare and Life Sciences 50 – 2016

Amy McDonough/Fitbit Group Health

Amy McDonough is the vice president and general manager of Fitbit Group Health, where she is responsible for empowering multinational employers to run effective and engaging corporate wellness programs with the help of Fitbit’s wearable fitness technologies.

Before she joined Fitbit Group Health, Amy held multiple positions with CNET Networks, including the director of audience and content development for the community division and director for strategic partnerships for the network. She was named as one of Fast Company’s “Top 100 Most Creative People of 2016,” and among Wareable’s “18 Women Leading the Way in Wearable Tech and Virtual Reality.”

“Being part Irish reminds me that all Americans came to this amazing country from somewhere else,” says Amy, whose maternal ancestors emigrated from Co. Armagh in 1807. “I am glad to have a piece of my story told by the Irish.”

Amy has a bachelor’s degree from Merrimack College in Andover, MA, and a Professional Certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications from the UC Berkeley Extension program. At present, she is based in San Francisco and lives with her husband Joseph and two sons, eight-year-old Leo and five-year-old Callen.