Top 50 Power Women – 2016

Meghann Foye/Author

Meghann Foye is an essayist, editor, and novelist whose debut novel, Meternity, is a social satire that tackles the vanishing love / life / work balance and the hot-button issue of female office politics among GenX and Millennials. Foye has worked in women’s media her entire professional career, writing for publications like Elle, For Me, Woman’s Day, Seventeen, and most recently serving as the senior web editor at Redbook, where she was the recipient of a Hearst Star Award for her work on The Truth About Trying, a blog dedicated to women’s fertility health.

Born in Lynn, MA, Meghann is fourth-generation Irish American on her father’s side, which she describes as “true Boston Irish, growing up in Roslindale, Dorchester, and Lowell.”

“My Irish heritage was a big part of my childhood growing up, and I can remember countless family parties with multiple uncles, aunts and cousins at my grandparent’s home and my own home during the holidays,” she says. As she’s gotten older and had a chance to visit Ireland, she says it’s Irish storytelling techniques that she is drawn to.

“There’s a line in my book in which the main character is told ‘she’s an Irish storyteller just like her dad,’ meaning – for me at least – a weaver of epic and imaginative tales, involving many twists, turns, plotlines and deeper meanings that always come back full-circle, but in ways you never expect.”