Business 100 – 2015

Reilly Devine/Zenefits

Reilly Devine serves as enterprise account executive at Zenefits. Ranked #1 on Forbes’s Hottest Start-Ups of 2014 list, Zenefits is widely considered to be the fastest-growing SaaS company in history. In 18 months, Devine helped Zenefits grow from 75 employees and 500 customers to roughly 1,700 employees and over 10,000 customers.

Reilly is fourth-generation Irish and his great grandfather, Oshey Devine, was born in Cork. Oshey emigrated to the U.S. via New York, and ended up in Montana, where Reilly was born generations later. Reilly says his family name “when boiled down like a potato, comes from two different Gaelic terms; one meaning ‘little stag’ and the other meaning ‘perfect’ or ‘excellent’.” He wonders if his grandfather knew this when boarding the ship to America, as Reilly envisions him as “the little stag searching for the perfect life for his family.”

Devine holds a degree in information systems and business management from Washington State University and lives in Seattle with his wife and two children, Blakeley and Jack.