Business 100 – 2015

Leah Doyle/Esquire

Leah Doyle grew up in east Galway and spent her summers on the beach in Achill Island. She attended the National University Of Ireland Galway for both her undergraduate and M.B.A. degrees, then moved to Dublin and began her career in publishing at Media Planet, where she worked across a number of European cities.

At age 24, she moved to New York for the Master’s in Publishing program at NYU. Over the course of the two-year program, she also worked in digital publishing across several titles at Condé Nast. She then joined the award-winning mixology start-up Liquor.com, working closely with insiders across the spirits industry on sales, strategy, and planning for the next two years. That, in turn, led her to Esquire in 2014, which she describes as her dream job. In the latest issue, the editors made this note: “The publishing masthead lists our esteemed colleague Leah Doyle as ‘Spirits and Florida Manager.’ Esquire would simply like to acknowledge that this job at the magazine is, in fact, as much fun as it sounds.” Leah would certainly agree. She was recently promoted to director of Spirits and Entertainment.