Wall Street 50 – 2015

Siobhan Dunn/Morgan Stanley

Siobhan Dunn is the chief operating officer of Morgan Stanley Bank North America’s Investment Portfolios in addition to serving as Balance Sheet Management’s chief operating officer for Morgan Stanley Bank Private National Association and secretary for the Pricing Committee for Retail Lending Products.

Dunn joined Morgan Stanley in 2010, from Dresdner Bank where she served as Head of Operational Risk Management, Americas and as the Chief Administrative Officer for Global Debt and for Capital Markets N.A. Previously, she traded mortgage treasury options and GNMAs for Lehman Brothers as well as Money Markets for off-shore funding at the First National Bank of Boston.

With Brooklyn roots, Siobhan has third-generation Mayo ancestry on her mother’s side (the Broderick clan) and fourth-generation Meath roots on her father’s, and she credits her traditional upbringing for her success today, saying that the “combination of Irish persistence and the appreciation of my blessings allows me to reach for my dreams while always finding the beauty and laughter of life that is rooted in friends and family.”

In addition to her professional pursuits, she is an active member of the Women’s Bond Club, having served on the Board where she chaired the Rising Star Program. Additionally, she was co-founder, and currently serves on the board, of the Jersey Shore chapter of the Marine Corp Scholarship Foundation. She is a playing member of, and former team captain, for the Women’s Metropolitan Golf Association.