Healthcare and Life Sciences 50 – 2015

Carmel Corrigan Monahan/Calvary Hospital Hospice

Carmel Corrigan Monahan, R.N., M.S.N. is the Administrator/Director of Patient Services for Calvary Hospital Hospice, Bronx, New York. An ardent supporter of honoring the wishes and respecting the dignity of those at the end of life, Carmel is both a caring nurse and a dedicated leader.

It is under her administration that Calvary Hospice, a newly minted program in 1998, is one of the leading hospice programs in NYC, caring for more than 2,000 at home patients annually.

Carmel immigrated to New York from Achill Island, Co. Mayo and pursued a career in nursing, receiving her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Herbert H. Lehman College. Early on, Carmel was drawn to the community and home care arena. She was influenced by her father, Johnny Corrigan, a fisherman who frequently risked his own life to bring the local physician by boat to the people of Clare Island and Innisturk in prehelicopter days. Although the transportation mode is different, the intent is the same for Carmel whose care inspired one family to write, “Although my wish is to never need your services again, it is wonderful to know that there is someone to turn to, for real help and comfort, in the most difficult times of our lives.”