A Tribute to Misean Cara,
Ireland’s “Original Pioneers”

Misean Cara CEO Heydi Foster and Mrs. Sabina Higgins look on as Misean Cara Chairperson Matt Moran presents a copy of the 2014 annual report to President Michael D. Higgins.

By Cliodhna Joyce-Daly, Editorial Assistant
August / September 2015

President Michael D. Higgins praised members of Misean Cara for their selfless work when he delivered the keynote address at the organization’s general meeting at Milltown Institute in Dublin in June. “It is possible to eliminate poverty, it is possible to eliminate disease,” President Higgins said. The president has long been an advocate of the work of missionaries, calling them “Ireland’s original pioneers in Africa” during a recent official visit to Malawi.

With the help of Irish aid through Misean Cara, and other Irish relief organizations like Concern and GOAL, Irish missionaries and their colleagues are one of the largest developmental networks worldwide.

Misean Cara distributed €14 ($15.5) million in funding members in 49 different countries in 2014.

“They build schools and offer a way out of poverty through high quality education. They run clinics and health centers, and provide life-saving medical treatment to people living with HIV and AIDS, cancer and other illnesses,” Heydi Foster, Misean Cara’s CEO, said. “Even as Liberia has been declared Ebola-free and Sierra Leone will soon follow, our members like the Missionary Sisters of Holy Rosary and the St. John of God Brothers are part of the recovery. I am so proud that our organization was able to allocate nearly €500,000 to respond to Ebola.” ♦


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