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Weekly Comment:
August 1st May Have Changed Ireland Forever

By the turn of the 20th Century, new Irish rebellion movements emerged that inspired a collective longing for national independence. A political party named Sinn Fein fostered by Arthur Griffith advocated for Irish nationhood. But while Griffith and others became the public faces of Irish nationalism, another, more radical group called the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB)Read more..

“The International” by Tim
Ruddy Premieres on Broadway

The International, a play about war and genocide in our age by Irish actor and playwright Tim Ruddy, has made an aptly timed return to the stage as the 20-year anniversary of the Bosniak genocide in Srebrenica is mourned. The recent Off-Broadway return of The International is fueled by Urbanite Theatre of Sarasota Florida, whichRead more..

Noah Galloway:
Mission No Excuses

Noah Galloway’s battle to overcome depression has turned him into a fitness guru, a star performer, and a motivational speaker. Like many of the millions who watched Noah Galloway’s performances on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, I was moved by his natural grace, strength, manliness, and humility. He did not hide his prosthetic leg orRead more..

Healthcare and Life Sciences 50

The inaugural Irish America Healthcare and Life Sciences 50 list celebrates Irish innovators who are leading the way in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. The work of these Irish-American and Irish-born medical professionals contributes everyday to the health and wellness of our communities, from pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biotechnology to research and development and medicalRead more..

First Word: Darkness into Light

“I believe in being better, not bitter.”  — Noah Galloway “If you have your health you have everything,” my mother Norrie used to say. She said a lot of things that used to annoy me. Another catch-phrase when some difficult task was at hand: “It will build character,” or the adage, “There’s no use crying overRead more..

Irish Eye on Hollywood:
Johnny Depp Goes Green

A-lister Johnny Depp is going through some kind of Irish phase. The Pirates of the Caribbean star – who played an Irish gypsy in the 2000 French flick Chocolat – has two films with heavy Irish themes coming out, including a big-screen version of a beloved classic of Irish-American literature. First up is Black Mass,Read more..

Irish Eye on Hollywood:
Ciaran Hinds Keeps Moving Up

Northern Irishman Ciaran Hinds remains as busy as ever.  In August, he co-stars in Hitman: Agent 47, about a ruthless assassin who partners with a desperate woman in search of family secrets. Hinds will also appear in the upcoming biopic Bleed for This, about American boxer Vinny Pazienza.  Bleed for This will also star Katey SagalRead more..

Irish Eye on Hollywood:
Kenneth Branagh’s Murder
on the Orient Express

Kenneth Branagh is getting back to his literary roots. The Belfast-born lover of Shakespeare – who in recent years has turned to popcorn fare like Thor and Cinderella – is planning to make a new version of the Agatha Christie mystery Murder on the Orient Express. Branagh is hoping the fourth time is a charm,Read more..

Irish Eye on Hollywood: Clones, Detectives, Priests, & Vigilantes

The Irish are playing an outsized role in a number of the most-buzzed about TV shows these days – the so-called “golden age of television.” Of course, there’s Colin Farrell on True Detective as well as numerous Irish actors on Game of Thrones (Michelle Fairley, Liam Cunningham, Aiden Gillen, Conleth Hill). But there’s also ClontarfRead more..

Irish Eye on Hollywood:
A Pregnant “Catastrophe”

Then there is Sharon Horgan. The Meath-raised triple threat (actress/writer/director) stars alongside Boston-born Irish-American comic Rob Delaney in a new sitcom which streams on Netflix called Catastrophe. In the raunchy show, Horgan plays an Irish woman who has a fling with an American advertising executive.  When Horgan ends up pregnant – wait for it –Read more..