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Weekly Comment:
Centenary of Allied Landing
at Gallipoli Remembered

Wreaths were laid at centennial commemorative ceremonies marking the Allied landing at Gallipoli by representatives of the Irish Government in cities around the world this weekend. In New York, Consul General Barbara Jones joined representatives of New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Britain, France and India at an Anzac Day dawn service on Saturday. The service, hosted jointlyRead more..

Weekly Comment:
The Rising in Film

Today is the 99th anniversary of the beginning of the Easter Rising, which began early in the morning of Monday, April 24, 1916 as close to 1,200 people – a combination of the Irish Volunteers and the Citizen Army – took over key points throughout Dublin, including the General Post Office (GPO), the headquarters ofRead more..

“Live Below the Line” Begins April 27

UPDATE: Concern has published the first in a multi-part series documenting Gabe Kennedy’s experience in Haiti, where he experienced first-hand the effects and hardship of living below the line of extreme poverty. Watch below. Gabe Kennedy, celebrity chef and environmental advocate, is heading a new Concern Worldwide campaign to raise awareness for poverty and to fightRead more..

Kennedy Senate Institute
Opens in Dorchester, MA

Chilly weather did not deter the hundreds who turned out for dedication of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate on Monday, March 30, in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Kennedy who was known as “The Lion of the Senate” for his long tenure (47 years), was warmly remembered in a grand ceremony featuring PresidentRead more..