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Kathleen Snavely Is Officially
Ireland’s Oldest Living Person

As of midnight on March 25th, 2015, Kathleen Hayes Rollins Snavely is the oldest ever Irish-born person in the world, having reached the age of 113 years and 38 days (and counting!). This record was previously held by Anne Scott of County Tyrone, who passed away in 1996 at the age of 113 years andRead more..

Weekly Comment:
Heaney Sonnet Named
Ireland’s Favorite Poem

A recent RTÉ poll identified Seamus Heaney’s sonnet, “When all the others were away at Mass,” as Ireland’s favorite poem of the last hundred years. The sonnet, published in 1987, comes from “Clearances In Memoriam M.K.H., 1911-1984,” a sequence Heaney composed on the death of his mother. In ‘When all the others were away atRead more..

Patrick Quinn

Patrick Quinn was diagnosed with ALS in March, 2013. After researching the disease and treatment options, he befriended Peter Frates, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2012. It was this friendship that gave birth to the Ice Bucket Challenge, which has raised over $100 million in donations for ALS research. He set up the websiteRead more..

Emmett O’Connell

Emmett O’Connell is non-executive director of the Great Western Mining Corporation, a mineral exploration company based in Nevada with headquarters in Dublin. A promoter of technology and exploration companies for over thirty years, Emmett has acted as founder and director of other companies including Eglington Exploration plc., Bryson Oil and Gas plc., Texas Continental SecuritiesRead more..

Robert J. McCann

Bob McCann is the CEO of UBS Group Americas and Wealth Management Americas and a member of the Group Executive Board of UBS AG. Prior to joining UBS, Bob had a 26-year career at Merrill Lynch, where he held a variety of executive leadership positions. Born in Pittsburgh, PA, McCann is a third-generation Irish AmericanRead more..

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton has served as the Secretary of State for the U.S. and was previously elected as a two-term Senator for New York State. She also served First Lady of the United States, and First Lady of Arkansas. During her tenure as First Lady, Clinton was highly dedicated to behind-the-scenes work on the peaceRead more..

Event Photos from the 2015 Irish America Hall of Fame

On March 16th, Irish America magazine celebrated the 2015 Irish America Hall of Fame Inductees. The honorees Hillary Rodham Clinton, former Secretary of State, was honored for her work on behalf of the Irish peace process; Robert J. McCann, CEO of UBS Group Americas, honored for his Irish-American community involvement and philanthropic work; Emmett O’Connell,Read more..

Weekly Comment:
Hillary Clinton Inducted to
Irish America Hall of Fame

“Irish Americans for Hillary,” said the buttons on the tables in the ballroom of the Essex House Hotel where Irish America magazine honored Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton for her work in advancing the Irish Peace Process by inducting her into the Irish America Hall of Fame, which is based on the Dunbrody Famine Ship Experience inRead more..

When It Comes to Irish Peace,
Hillary and History Rhyme

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s role in the Irish peace process is often underestimated but there were few people more important. In retrospect it all seems so obvious. Once an American president focused on Ireland, there would be an immediate concerted effort to find a way to end Europe’s long-running war. After decades of war the AmericanRead more..

First Word:
What I Learned from Hillary

Our cover story on Hillary Clinton reminds us of her role in the Irish peace process – particularly her involvement in bringing women into the discussion and throwing a light on the role they played in their communities – work that was often under-recognized. Closer to home she taught me a lesson that opened myRead more..