The Irish 66ers

Eric Lalor, a member of the Irish 66ers, on Route 66 during this year's charity ride.

By Matthew Skwiat, Contributing Editor
December / January 2015

The spirited “Irish 66ers” recently completed their 7th motorcycle journey on Route 66 in an effort to raise money for the Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin. They were escorted by the Los Angeles police Emerald Society for the last leg of the famous highway to Santa Monica Pier where Councilman Kevin McKeown spoke to the exultant crowd.

“Your commitment and dedication are inspiring, and I’m happy to welcome you to Santa Monica, where you’ve earned some party time to celebrate your accomplishment,” he said.

This year’s motorcycle assembly included more than 60 men and women who traveled through nine states and three time zones to arrive in Santa Monica. They began on September 21 in Chicago and embarked on their journey out west on the now historic Route 66. Many of the riders kept journals that illuminate their exciting journey. Eric Lalor (pictured below) wrote of their arrival into Santa Monica: “All of our bikes were decked out in tricolors and were being flanked by the LAPD. Here we were, Irish men and women on 60 or so motorbikes being given a police escort through the city of Los Angeles and all for the cause of raising money for Temple Street Children’s Hospital. It was an incredible sight.”

The Temple Street Children’s Hospital is one of the leading pediatric hospitals in Ireland and treats over 145,000 Irish youths a year.

For more on the ride visit: templestreet.ie/event/route66

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    Hey like do the ride in autumn
    For temple st.hospital
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