Wall Street 50 – 2014

Brendan Ahern/KraneShares

Brendan Ahern is the managing director of KraneShares, a provider of China-focused exchange traded funds. Brendan is a graduate of College of the Holy Cross where he received his B.A. and holds a Masters of Science in financial analysis from the University of San Francisco. Prior to joining KraneShares, Brendan worked at Barclays Global Investors and at iShares AUM, a far cry from his first job as a caddy at the age of 12.

Brendan is a fifth-generation Irish American with roots in Cork and Tipperary on his father and mother’s side. He says of his Irish ancestry, “I am indebted to my ancestors that came to the United States and endured a multitude of hardships in order to provide future generations the opportunity to succeed in our great country. My wife and I want to ensure our children are aware of these sacrifices and the legacy of those that came before them.” Brendan is native of Connecticut, where he currently lives with his wife Kate and their three children, Mac, Addison, and Grayson.